CLAS Items for Sale

Fundraising with Astronomy Garage Sales

China Lake Astronomical Society holds periodic "garage sales" of used astronomy equipment.

When conditions allow again, we will have "open air" sales. At present, with restrictions on gatherings, items will be sold through our website, and you can bid via email.

Purchase or Bid:

NOTE: We are working on these procedures and will update this.

  1. To purchase at the listed price, send an email listing the item(s) to no later than 1/16/2021.
  2. If you are the sole bidder for this item, we'll reply to your email informing you that you've won the bidding.
  3. If more than one person bids, we'll contact the bidders and allow you to make higher offers until it is sold.
  4. If no one bids on an

Donate an Item for CLAS Use or Sale

If you'd like to donate your astronomy equipment to CLAS, we appreciate it! We will

  • Put it to use for public events and use by the club.
  • Offer it for sale if we can't use it, and invest the proceeds in future programs.

Please contact us or send an email to Thank you for supporting the China Lake Astronomical Society, along with our local programs for the public at Maturango Museum!

Sell Your Equipment through CLAS

We will advertise and try sell your astronomy equipment if it's in good condition, in exchange for 15% of the sale price donated to the CLAS treasury. If you have items you'd like us to consider selling, send an email (with pictures if possible) to and we'll get back to you.