How to Join a CLAS Zoom Meeting

CLAS has begun holding remote meetings via Zoom, and it’s easy for you to join a meeting from your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Option 1: The Easiest Way to Get Started with Zoom

The easiest thing to do is just click on the following link (the same one sent to you in the newsletter). Do this before the meeting starts, to make sure everything's working. On the device you’re using (phone, tablet, PC, Mac), you’ll be prompted to download and install the free Zoom app.

Follow the instructions from there to get things working.

Option 2: Download and Install Zoom Ahead of Time

If you’d like to download and install Zoom ahead of time, click one of these links from your device(s) and follow the instructions. (You can familiarize yourself, tweak your settings, and make sure it’s working.)

Note: For attending a Zoom meeting—to simply watch and listen in, or to also be able to speak and ask questions—you only need the free Zoom app. (CLAS Secretary Ted Hodgkinson has invested in the paid app that is required for the meeting organizer. Thanks, Ted!)